Woven Luxury

Since the advent of weaving, cultures have devised limitless ways to transform natural fibers into textiles for personal adornment or more utilitarian functions. CONRAD is pleased to introduce five alluring handwoven designs, each stamped with the hallmark of our exacting standards of originality and quiet elegance.

A couture-quality sheer, haberdashery-inspired plaid-like patterns and a striking tweed construction offer new directions in window coverings.

GAZAR, Weave No. 1786
Referencing the crisp, lustrous, malleable fabric used by some of the world’s great couturiers, muted golden Lurex threads are woven vertically into a restrained ground of taupe fibers.

OXFORD, Weave No. 1788
Cool and classic, grey and white fibers merge in an open-weave structure, suggestive of fine shirting fabrics.

MADRAS, Weave No. 1790
The effect of sunlight streaking through clouds is achieved by combining golden arrowroot with warm grey palm fiber.

CHAMBRAY, Weave No. 1792
A fresh, casual perspective, the result of natural and bleached grasses enlivened by subtle dark accents.

HESSIAN, Weave No. 1796
Densely woven, vigorously textured fibers in contrasting tones reminiscent of natural granite create a dramatic mood.