CONRAD introduces Tempest, a collection of elegant new weaves inspired by the elements in every season: the gentle rain of early spring, a course of water cascading over stones, a sudden flurry of snow that falls in utter silence, endowing earth with a mantle of pure white.

THORA, Weave No. 2159
Inspired by the name attributed to a Norse goddess of stormy skies, this simple, supple weave in a beautiful creamy white evokes the pristine beauty of northern landscapes.

FLURRY, Weave No. 2165
Designed with subtle variations of texture and sheer panels of varied widths, our creamy white shade has a sublime sense of lightness that evokes the dance of snowflakes drifting through air.

SEREIN, Weave No. 2167
Taking its name from the rare phenomenon of a fine rain falling from cloudless twilight skies, our handcrafted shade offers a soft geometric pattern in tones that bring a warmer tint to modern settings.

CASCADE, Weave No. 2169
Capturing the look of rainwater flowing down a windowpane, our handwoven shade is crafted to create a painterly pattern with strands deep charcoal grey against a backdrop of cool white.

CLOUDBURST, Weave No. 2171
A quiet beauty emerges from the subtle definition of a tonal pattern that creates a sense of depth, motion and rhythm, suggesting the visual effects of an exhilarating summer storm.

MISTRAL, Weave No. 2173
Inspired by the Provençal wind for which our handwoven shade is named, Mistral offers a linear pattern with a dynamic graphic quality created by fine strands of black fibers on a luminous pale ground.

RAINDROP, Weave No. 2175
This supple, lustrous shade interweaves black and eggshell fibers to create a geometric composition that alludes to drops of rain while adding a sense of accent and movement to a room.