The EPOCH Collection

CONRAD introduces the EPOCH Collection, exemplary weaves that translate the beauty of some of the earth’s timeless resources into textures and hues that express our love of all things natural.

These intricately crafted designs reflect CONRAD’s commitment to the traditions of the textile arts and respect for the planet’s eternal gifts, and will complement any living space.

CHONDRITE, Weave No. 2117
A strong linear pattern in silvery and dark tones that link earth and sky.

SLATE, Weave No. 2119
With elegant transparency, finely textured grey-dyed fibers infuse quiet calm into traditional or contemporary room interiors.

AGATE, Weave No. CW-M22
Based on the myriad hues of the natural stone, soft warm neutrals with hints of luster in a subdued harmonious structure.

MINERAL, Weave No. CW-M24
Taking its tonal cues from the crystalline beauty of marble, this striking weave pairs cool white and grey in an architectural pattern.