Tidal Shore

Capturing the beauty of a serene seascape, CONRAD introduces Tidal Shore, a texture-rich collection that evokes a sun-washed world of sand, shell and sea foam, of dancing light and waving grasses. Tidal Shore offers distinctive weaves in creamy neutrals, bringing a look of breezy elegance to any interior.

Unmistakably CONRAD, our handwoven shades are made from select natural fibers to create unique designs that live in perfect harmony with elegant, contemporary lifestyles.

TERN, Weave No. 2131
As nuanced as the tints of nature, this understated weave is defined by a blend of quiet neutral hues that create a serene backdrop for contemporary or traditional furnishings.

URCHIN, Weave No. 2133
Strands of white ribbing paired with lustrous fibers of golden flax give this supple weave depth and dimension, with inspiration drawn from the palette and patterns of the shoreline.

CONCH, Weave No. 2135
Creating delicate contrasts of color and luminosity, bands of white alternate with natural golden flax to yield a subtle stripe, a linear weave with a soft sheen and undertones of inviting warmth.

SAND DOLLAR, Weave No. 2137
Inspired by concepts of harmony and simplicity, this refined weave blends cream and white fibers in a discreet check pattern that quietly enhances sophisticated contemporary interiors.