The CW Weaves

Nature is a wonderful muse, offering beauty and warmth in a myriad
of forms that seldom fail to awaken and beguile the senses. CONRAD takes its cue from this natural splendor, three DesignerLine Window Shades in soft hues that are wonderfully easy to live with, blending effortlessly with contemporary and traditional interiors alike.

Continuous-warp threads, handwoven of natural wood-pulp fibers, create subtle texture with a smooth, lustrous appearance that softly filters sunlight without obscuring outside views.

TULE, Weave No. CW-M02
Grey makes a stunning understatement. Inspired by the ethereal beauty of early morning mist, the soft grey is a perfect neutral.

ARCTIC, Weave No. CW-M04
Always fresh and modern, the subtle white texture gives a timeless warmth and depth.

KALAHARI, Weave No. CW-M07
A sunny beige is a source of light and warmth evoking the ever-changing play of sunlight on shifting dunes of sand.