Product Safety

At CONRAD we believe safety should never be compromised. That is why we have taken steps to redesign how our shades are raised and lowered, conforming to the American National Standards Institute/Window Covering Manufacturers Association (ANSI/WCMA) A100.1-2018 guidelines.

Control loop operated window coverings, including Roman shades, top-down only shades, manual roll-up shades, sliding panel shade systems and sun control/privacy shades are equipped with tension control devices as a safety precaution. The device must be securely installed for the shade to operate.

We minimize risk of injury on cord cleat and cord lock operations by condensing multiple lines into a single-pull cord with a condenser.

In addition to the above modifications, CONRAD continues to provide and utilize these existing safety features:

  • All cord cleat or cord lock operated shades are provided with two cleats per shade and instructions for mounting out of your child’s or your pet’s reach
  • Free retrofit kits for Roman shades can be obtained from CONRAD

Further Recommendations

  • Replace shades manufactured prior to 2001 or use a retrofit kit
  • Keep all operating cords out of reach of children and pets
  • Properly install cord stops and adjust for minimal movement
  • Make sure that control loops are anchored correctly to wall or floor
  • After lowering shades, lock into position and secure line cord with cleats
  • Keep all furniture that young children may play or sleep upon away from windows and cords