For over half a century, CONRAD has found creative inspiration in the natural world, the stars and sea, grasslands and forests, riverbank reeds and rushes. Equally, nature supplies the very materials we use to make our unique handwoven window shades, the grasses and plants given life by soil, water and sun. Thus, it is our duty as a company to preserve and protect that which inspires and sustains us.

At CONRAD, we make every shade from grasses and plants that are sustainably grown and harvested. Our skilled artisans then prepare the fibers and weave each shade using traditional handlooms, a process that consumes little energy and produces minimal waste. In addition, we cultivate only rapidly renewable plants that do not deplete the soil nor contribute to soil erosion. Because the grasses and plants we use are replenished quickly, they are considered to be truly renewable resources, viable and sustainable choices.

CONRAD'S de-centralized operations and investment in local cottage industry allows nature and commerce to co-exist. We provide support for local farmers who grow and gather our raw materials, along with employment for the artisans who craft our handwoven shades. CONRAD plays a significant role in the economies of the villages where our products are made, helping to sustain traditional skills, as well as communities.

CONRAD eco-friendly products:

  • Rapidly renewable materials (harvest cycles of 6 months or less)
  • Plant materials are farmed and harvested with little/no waste - zero waste is our goal
  • We support small-scale farming and artisan industries that rely on traditional techniques and tools
  • Committed to fair, safe and healthy working conditions throughout our supply chain
  • Seek to partner with suppliers who share our vision of sustainability and transparency
  • Shades are made with safe, non-toxic natural fibers: resistant to sunlight, micro-organisms and dust
  • Products offer a long lifecycle and are biodegradable at end of life