CONRAD is the original—few companies today approach the legendary reputation for craftsmanship and customer care that CONRAD has earned over the last half century.

Though the art of what we create at CONRAD is intricate, our materials are simple. We hand weave from plants and grasses that are sustainably grown and harvested. The utilization of traditional hand-looms for weaving our natural fiber products means there is very little energy consumption or waste in our production process.

The range of fibers in our designs are cultivated and harvested from rapidly renewable plants and grasses that will not deplete the soil nor add to soil erosion.

We support a cottage industry of farmers and local artisans in the countries in which we work. Cultivated and harvested by hand and produced by local artisan workshops, this commerce provides and sustains the communities from which the materials come. In short, CONRAD exemplifies a perfectly working system that allows nature and commerce to coexist.

  • Rapidly renewable materials (10 year cycle or less)*
  • Hand harvested with little/no waste
  • Supports time-honored craftsmanship
  • Supports local cottage farming and artisan industries
  • Natural fibers: resist ultraviolet light; anti-mildew; anti-fungal; static inhibiting (resists dust)
  • Biodegradable at end of life cycle

* Definition meets LEED’s standard (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design), the predominate benchmarking system for green building.