With the arrival of autumn, life seems to begin once again. CONRAD now introduces Autumn, a collection of handcrafted shades inspired by a landscape bathed in golden light and ruffled by cool, crisp currents of air that intoxicate the senses. Offering eight weaves in warm hues and distinctive textures, the collection alludes to the beauty and abundance of a glorious season, the wonder of the turning world and nature’s ever-changing dress.

CONRAD shades are handwoven by skilled artisans using select natural fibers, each designed to elevate and enhance today’s interiors.

MAPLE, Weave No. M16C
Inspired by the soft, filtered light of autumn woodlands, our sumptuous weave has a robust texture created with natural fibers in sun-warmed shades of off-white and light brown.

EMBER, Weave No. 2257
Plaited with ribbons of golden-brown on a finely woven ivory ground, our Ember shade offers a depth and dimension that kindle a welcoming warmth in contemporary spaces.

MAIZE, Weave No. 2259
Truly elegant, this pale gold shade is intricately woven to create a small-scale tonal pattern touched with the barest hint of shimmer.

HARVEST, Weave No. 2261
Simplicity is always chic. Our luxe, finely woven shade intertwines narrow fibers the color of ripened barley to complement natural finishes or balance bold patterns and vibrant hues.

CIDER, Weave No. 2263
A true classic, our crisp Cider weave in creamy white reads as fresh and yet timeless, with an appeal that outlasts the transits of time and trends.

BIRCH, Weave No. 2265
Evoking the fluid grace of silver birches dancing in freshets of wind, our handcrafted shade is a sheer, supple weave lightly sprinkled with tiny white knots.

LEAF, Weave No. 2267
Drawing from nature’s palette, our cool grey handcrafted shade recalls the silvery underside of wind-tossed leaves turning and drifting in air. The textural pattern adds structure and definition.

MIST, Weave No. 2269
Expressing a quiet autumnal mood, our handwoven shade is crafted in soft, nuanced tones of grey and white to create a beautifully modulated linear pattern of cool sophistication.