Between Earth & Sky

CONRAD extends its hallmark Original Sunshades collection with the introduction of four new weaves of unrivalled sophistication and design excellence. Ranging from delicate, voile-weight sheers in pale or saturated tones, to lively, kinetic constructions which blend natural fibers with captivating metallic accents, and a profoundly dense tweed-like pattern, these designs provide enduring elegance and beauty for any interior. Whether selected as soft Roman shades, roll-up shades or as stationary or functional panels, each is handwoven to your specifications.

OCHIBA, Weave No. 1776
Alternating hues of chestnut, bark, ivory and light taupe with copper metallic strands, this transparent weave recalls the evanescent, fleeting beauty of a sunlit autumnal forest floor.

HIGHLAND, Weave No. 1780
Evocative of windswept, heathered hills, a moody palette of soft greens, greys, browns and ivory. Structured yet relaxed, a textural counterpoint to sleek, contemporary architecture and furniture or a harmonious companion to more traditional spaces.

HABUTAI, Weave No. 1782
Inspired by Japanese silk textiles, this soft beige weave is accented by randomly-spaced, larger-scaled vertical strands against a fine ground. Its subtle sheen provides a seductive allure.

ÉTOILE, Weave No. 1784
A dazzling, elegant shade with the polished chic of dressmaker lamé, achieved by infusing fine white fiber with silver Lurex thread. The nighttime glamour recedes to a quietly reflective shimmer during the day.