New Inspirations

Five artful variations on a theme of timeless elegance. Each inventive CONRAD design is handwoven of natural fibers in colors that range from pure white and soft grey to the deepest, richest tones of green, gold and brown.

CAPRICE, Weave No. 1738
Sensuous, sheer, alternating creamy bands of closely interwoven fibers with wide gauzy panels. Narrow filaments accentuate this striated, textured weave.

FROST, Weave No. 1740
Fresh, pure and timeless, a striking winter white that acts as a crisp foil to burnished woods or varied fabrics, whether boldly vibrant or delicately subtle.

TWILIGHT, Weave No. 1742
A simple, supple weave in a soft taupe, to set a tender contemporary mood.

DRESSAGE, Weave No. 1744
Equestrian-inspired beauty, sheer fibers in rich chestnut, black and Palomino resemble fine horsehair.

LODGE, Weave No. 1748
Luxuriantly woven in deep woodsy colors of bark, tobacco leaf, moss and straw, a handsome, highly textured weave that can coexist with a mood of sophistication or simplicity.