Building on the strength of six decades of design innovation and integrity, CONRAD pushes handwoven window coverings in a new direction with its latest offerings.

Subtle design, simple materials and meticulous attention to detail combine to create patterned or subdued textiles of extraordinary grace, refinement and mood. Including diamond- and chevron-woven weave structures, these textiles are testament to the master artisans whose dexterity and artistry are present in every CONRAD shade.

CARTOUCHE, Weave No. 2121
Pale warp threads contrast softly with matte ivory fibers in a traditional diamond-dot pattern.

TWILL, Weave No. 2123
This closely-woven classic tweed pattern animates the window and provides a cool sense of enclosure.

ARABESQUE, Weave No. 2125
A quilt-like structure arranges lustrous silvery fibers to captivate the eye.

TARLATAN, Weave No. 2127
Softly contrasting tones of grey and white merge in this featherweight design, setting a quiet counterpoint to the more dynamic elements of a room.

INTAGLIO, Weave No. 2129
Alternating between wide and narrow, black and white, horizontal stripes give this weave a classic grace.