CONRAD introduces Wanderlust, a collection of handcrafted weaves inspired by the warming air, the gathering light and a return to journeys beyond those we’ve made in daydreams or the pages of a book. The world calls to us now; its great cities and ancient ports, its boulevards and bazaars, and most of all, those places where nature in all her beauty awakens a heightened sense of wonder and a deeper sense of peace – and perhaps the desire to create a more inspired expression of home.

CONRAD shades are handwoven of select natural fibers, with each distinctive weave designed to create an uplifting environment of tranquility, elegance and style.

PROMENADE, Weave No. 2271
Evoking the dance of white caps and sea foam on a summer’s day, our sheer Promenade shade has a breezy charm that’s effervescent in mood, elegant in effect.

LATITUDES, Weave No. 2273
Inspired by the play of light and shadow, our handwoven shade accents grey and ivory fibers with fine-spun charcoal threads to create a linear pattern that brings energy into a room.

BOULEVARD, Weave No. 2275
Casual, yet sophisticated, a classic weave structure is enriched by intervals of nubby, ivory-hued fibers that give our handwoven shade a soft, pleasing hand.

MERIDIAN, Weave No. 2277
Celebrating the beauty of texture, our lustrous Meridian shade offers a modern interpretation of a woven pattern drawn from the centuries-old tradition of handloomed artistry.

PEREGRINE, Weave No. 2279
Woven in deep and nuanced shades of taupe, with scattered knots of charcoal, our Peregrine weave takes its name from nature’s bold winged traveler. The striking depth of color complements serene contemporary spaces.

NOMAD, Weave No. 2281
A study in the art of subtlety, this handwoven shade is woven in a warm, earthy shade of grey enhanced by textural variations that lend nuance as well as tactile appeal.

SOJOURN, Weave No. 2283
Whether summer brings dreams of grassy meadows or gardens in full bloom, our Sojourn weave celebrates natural color and texture, the elegance of simplicity and timeless interiors.

HORIZON, Weave No. CW-M18
Inspired by the light, impromptu brush strokes of plein air painting, a wash of white and cool grey tones evokes a landscape where drifts of mist and cloud hover between earth and sky.