With our Surya Collection, CONRAD introduces a series of elegant new weaves named for eight extraordinary women whose skill and creativity are at the very core of our craftsmanship. We honor the accomplishments of all and the unique gifts of each. From season to season, the unwavering strength and grace of these remarkable women offer an endless source of light and inspiration.

At CONRAD, we cultivate a harmony between modernity and long-held tradition, offering beautiful handwoven window shades of select natural fibers crafted at the highest level of excellence.

ANTIE, Weave No. 2301
Named for a respected matriarch, our Antie shade debuts a supple open structure handwoven of ramie and abaca strands in a creamy white with a soft, luxurious hand.

NITA, Weave No. 2303
A tapestry of coconut brown and tan, our Nita shade evokes the traditional textile arts of Indonesia. Woven of handspun cotton and abaca fibers, playful brushstrokes of color on a textured ground create an uplifting mood.

RELLY, Weave No. 2305
Capturing the natural elegance of its namesake, our Relly shade offers a jacquard pattern woven of handspun cotton and abaca fibers in a warm ivory hue with a velvety matte finish.

PIPIET, Weave No. 2307
A creative re-interpretation of classic herringbone weaves, Pipiet is crafted of palm leaf fibers in soft, serene greige and ivory. A light dusting of knots enhances tactility.

ISMI, Weave No. 2309
Our gossamer Ismi shade is handwoven of arrowroot and abaca strands in pale, lustrous gold stippled with tiny knots that create the look of raw silk and evoke a sense of fluid grace.

ANI, Weave No. 2311
Bringing a welcome warmth to contemporary interiors, our Ani shade pairs handspun cotton and abaca fibers in a linear tonal pattern with a hint of luster and the rich color of toasted almonds.

KYRA, Weave No. 2313
Nature, culture and craft converge in the nuances of a contemporary weave that echoes the earthy tones of mineral and stone.

AAQILLA, Weave No. 2315
Woven in a deep and burnished bronze, our vibrant Aaqilla shade employs banana bark and abaca fibers handcrafted to create a weave that’s both structured and dynamic.