Moment to moment, the world changes in mood and form. Stars wheel across the sky and the moon waxes from crescent to orb. By day, light shifts and new pathways come into view, an invitation to travel forward with a fresh sense of purpose and a vision of infinite renewal. Change is truly earth’s delight.

CONRAD introduces PASSAGES, a collection of handcrafted weaves that celebrate the transits and transformations of life, offering fresh concepts for interiors that inspire, nurture and delight.

CONRAD shades are made with select natural fibers handcrafted by master weavers skilled in weaving artistry, dedicated to the principles of true quality.

MICHI, Weave No. 2241
Texture evokes a sense of fluid movement, a drift of white petals or cloud. Offering a clean backdrop for modern or traditional rooms, our handwoven shade is cool, crisp and beautiful.

TRAVERSÉE, Weave No. 2243
Crafted in strands of deepest charcoal grey, aubergine and soft white, Traversée exudes an aura of quiet luxury which emerges from its plush, textured surface

TŌN SAU, Weave No. 2245
In soft colors that read as subtle and elegant, our Tōn Sau shade has a refined matte finish and a structure of interlocking shapes that create a sophisticated effect – discreet, yet dynamic

TUN GLO, Weave No. 2247
As mutable as a wash of moonlight on water, our luxe silvery shade acts as a cool counterpart to pale neutrals or dials up the drama when paired with deep hues and dark woods.

PASSAGGI, Weave No. 2249
Breezy and beautiful, our Passaggi shade interprets a classic windowpane pattern in handwoven natural fibers, crafting a look that is timeless through transition and change.

MARINNADA, Weave No. 2251
Balancing structure with improvisation, our richly textured window shade plays nubby fibers against a finely woven canvas to create a distinctive weave with rare depth and dimension.

PERASMATA, Weave No. 2253
As fresh as the arrival of Spring, our fine-spun Perasmata shade blooms with tiny white knots sprinkled among handwoven strands of natural fiber in a warm, creamy white

TAZA, Weave No. 2255
A beguiling mix of warm, muted greys, our Taza weave has a small-scale pattern and smooth hand which add the nuance of subtle, yet definitive, texture to relaxed contemporary settings.