Moon & Stars

In our quest for inspiration, CONRAD looks to the vast canopy of the night sky, where a dusting of stars and a silent moon scatter brightness and light the imagination. Our Moon & Stars collection debuts nine new shades in heavenly hues that range from the soft violet of twilight to the pale gold of a rising moon. A variety of texture offers delightful choices for creating truly unique and beautiful rooms.

CONRAD shades are made of select natural fibers, each woven by hand with meticulous attention to the details of design and craft that bring a look of natural elegance to public and private settings.   

ORION, Weave No. 2141
Accentuating texture, our handcrafted shade showcases the slubs and knots of the airy, linen-like weave, softening a minimalist space or bringing tactile richness to more traditional settings.   

HYDRA, Weave No. 2143
Simple, but polished, our supple, handwoven shade is enriched with a subtle, but luscious texture that plays up the inviting warmth of its creamy color. 

TRITON, Weave No. 2145
Updating a classic stripe, our handcrafted shade has an elegant and ethereal quality created by rhythmically spaced semi-sheer bands with a soft, pale gold luster.

MOONWALK, Weave No. 2147
Emanating a rose-tinted glow, our handwoven shade pairs the warmth of barely-there blush tones with the cool iridescence of lustrous fibers. 

MOONGLOW, Weave No. 2149
Tilting toward the warmer side of the spectrum, our handcrafted shade combines terracotta-colored threads with luminous fibers that add a trace of shimmer. 

MOONRISE, Weave No. 2151
Infused with a whisper of the palest violet, our handwoven shade is beguiling in its mixture of textural nuance and cool, otherworldly hues. 

MOONSCAPE, Weave No. 2153
Threaded with finely woven strands in a serene blue-green hue, our handcrafted shade offers an ethereal beauty in a simple weave imbued with a hint of sheen. 

NOVA, Weave No. 2155
Understated neutrals set a sophisticated tone, enlivened by the twinkle of pale gold threads interwoven with nubby fibers in heavenly shades of wispy grey and moonlit white. 

DELPHINUS, Weave No. 2157
Introducing an element of pattern that resembles traditional ikat, our handwoven shade is rendered in warm gray and candlelight white, balancing the modern with the timeless.