Mood Luxe

CONRAD embraces a modern concept of luxury, one in which quality presides. Luxury speaks to the deep pleasure to be found in fine materials, superior craftsmanship, and objects that make the simple rituals of living more beautiful. MOOD LUXE is a state of mind, reflected in surroundings that speak to the senses; objects that call to our longing for beauty.

CAT’S EYE, Weave No. 2285
Washed with a pale gold sheen, our luminous Cat’s Eye weave pairs subtle ribbed texture with a crisp finish that captures the essence of modern elegance. 

OUD, Weave No. 2287
Accentuating texture, our Oud shade is woven of narrow, multi-hued bands punctuated by slubs and knots that create rich shadings of light and shadow. 

MOONSTONE, Weave No. 2289
Our Moonstone weave combines the warm-white beauty of its namesake with soft, touchable texture that brings a hint of sensuous luxury to contemporary interiors. 

MULBERRY SILK, Weave No. 2291
A light, supple weave in pearly white, our ethereal Mulberry Silk shade captures a cool contemporary mood that balances simplicity and luxe.

LOTUS SILK, Weave No. 2293
Our finely woven Lotus Silk shade is accented with tassel-tipped strands that create dynamic brushstrokes of texture. A lustrous flaxen hue adds an aura of luxury. 

IVOIRE, Weave No. 2295
Handwoven in a creamy ivory hue, our beautiful Ivoire shade showcases texture that makes a statement in a quiet neutral that won’t overpower a room.

MACASSAR, Weave No. 2297
Marrying craft tradition with contemporary tastes, Macassar is handwoven in shades of charcoal, taupe and tan to create striking contrast and robust texture. 

BLACKWOOD, Weave No. 2299
The mood takes an after-dark turn with our dramatic Blackwood shade, closely woven in shades of grey and charcoal that read stylish and modern, yet classic.