Symbols of natural splendor and lofty aspiration, the beauty of cloud-capped mountains has long offered poetic and artistic inspiration. CONRAD debuts eight new weaves, each inspired by the noble peaks of Asia and rendered in sublime hues that range from misty grey to snowy white and sunlit gold. A range of textures lends contemporary interiors visual richness and tactile appeal. Aspire to timeless beauty.

KINABALU, Weave No. 2209
Evoking the mists that hover at the mountain’s crest, our shade is woven in a deep, moody grey and offers a distinct textural pattern that softens space and creates a sense of gentle movement.

KITA, Weave No. 2211
Taking its name from Mount Kita of Japan, this weave is inspired by traditional textile arts, weaving together muted tones of grey and ivory to create a tapestry of quiet elegance.

MERAPI, Weave No. 2213
Infused with the warmth of sun-bleached hues with accents of a deeper hue, this weave evokes the shifts of light and shadow that dance across Java’s landscape of mountains, fields and forests.

PUMORI, Weave No. 2215
Inspired by the sparkling air of the Himalayas, the pristine beauty of sun shining on ice and snow, our sheer shade has a soft golden sheen and a smooth finish that is simple and refined.

ANAMUDI, Weave No. 2217
Designed to create serene contemporary spaces, our Anamudi weave offers subtle tonal variations on a theme of cool, crisp white with a hint of pearly luster and a sprinkling of knots to lend texture.

POPA, Weave No. 2219
Crowned by the golden spires of an ancient monastery, Mount Popa inspires an elegant weave that pairs a flaxen hue with a complex textural pattern created by alternating tight and loosely woven fibers.

KUBOR, Weave No. 2221
Alluding to the infinite variations of a mountain landscape, this lustrous shade pairs fine fibers and thicker strands to yield a touchable ribbed texture. Tones of palest gold create an aura of sophistication.

MAKALU, Weave No. 2223
Woven of fine and nubby fibers to impart a deep boucle texture, our Makalu shade adds richness to a room, together with a creamy ivory hue that reads as warm and affirmative.